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Bruce’s Beach

Bruce’s beach is a historic landmark and is the oldest city park in Manhattan Beach. It has the best views of the ocean and especially the sunsets. Bruce’s Beach is located at 2601 Highland ave. on a fairly busy street, it’s easy to miss as you drive by the large homes that surround it. The three acre park is perfect for reading a book, taking a nap or having a picnic on one of the terraced grass areas.

Bruce’s Beach has a few benches and plenty of shady trees to hang out under. Because the park is sloped it can be a little difficult to access for wheelchairs and strollers. Playing anything with a ball will likely result in a lot of retrieval uphill.

Oddly, Bruce’s Beach has two half size basketball courts located midway on the slope of the park. Any missed shots will send you running downhill, so bring your “A-game.”

Bruce’s beach doesn’t allow dogs in the upper portions of the park, however you can keep your dog on leash at the lowest section of grass, just below the basketball courts. There are courtesy doggy poop bags located in that section of the park with signs clarifying where dogs are allowed.

Parking for Bruce’s Beach is either along the street, which is free but rarely available. Or below the park towards the beach in one of the two pay parking lots. The parking lots are located between 26th and 27th street just past Ocean drive. The parking lots have parking meters that take either coins or debit/credit cards. Parking is enforced from 8 am to 8 pm and the max time is 5 hours in the same space. If a meter is not working correctly, don’t park there. You will get a ticket, they are really on top of parking enforcement here… There aren’t many parking spaces in these two lots, so either head out early or bring plenty of patience.

There are no bathrooms in the park area of Bruce’s Beach, but just west of the lower parking lots, there are public bathrooms next to the LA County Lifeguard training center.

Between Ocean dr. and The Strand walking path.

Bruce’s Beach does not have any bike racks in the park, but if you go towards the bike path at the beach there are plenty of racks to lock up your bike.

Just past the LA County Lifeguard Training Center, towards the beach located on the walking path is an outdoor exercise area with pull up bars and body weight obstacles.

The Strand is accessible from Bruce’s Beach, and runs from El Porto Beach to the north, or south to Hermosa Beach, all the way through to Redondo Beach. Dogs and pedestrians are allowed on The Strand walking path, but no bikes.

Access from The Strand down to the sand is by stairs.

The Marvin Braude Bike Trail is between The Strand and the sand, watch for bikers as you cross over to the beach. The entire length of the Bike trail is 22 miles, from the Pacific Palisades to Torrance.

The access from Bruce’s Beach also has Volleyball nets nearby are on the sand.

Bruce’s Beach is usually less crowded and really is one of my favorite spots in Manhattan Beach. The park has great views, grassy picnic spots, a basketball court, and parking. The beach section has volleyball nets, public bathrooms and a lifeguard tower, and access to the Strand and the Marvin Braude bike trail. If you find yourself in the area it is definitely worth a visit!


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