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Manhattan Beach FAQs

Where is Manhattan Beach? Manhattan Beach is a small city in LA County wedged between El Segundo and Hermosa Beach. The closest freeway is the 405, which runs north and south along the eastern edge of Manhattan Beach.

Is Manhattan Beach in LA County? Yes, Manhattan Beach is part of LA County.

Why is it called Manhattan Beach? Developer Stewart Merrill named the city after his home in Manhattan, NY in 1902. The addition of “Beach” happened in 1927.

Are dogs allowed on Manhattan Beach Pier? No, dogs are not allowed on the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Are dogs allowed at Manhattan Beach? No, dogs are not allowed on the sand, or the pier. Dogs are permitted on The Strand walking path. The Strand has a water fountain for pets as well as plastic bags for pet waste.

Where is the free parking in Manhattan Beach? Free parking can be found at Lot 8 with a max 10 hour limit, located at Ardmore ave. which is a one-way street at the intersection of Manhattan Beach blvd. Lot 8 is 4 blocks from the beach.

Free parking can also be found at Lot 14 at the Civic Center upper parking lot, for a max of 2 hours. Lot 14 is at 15th st. and Highland ave.

Where are the EV or Electric Vehicle charging stations in Manhattan Beach? Manhattan Beach has EV charging stations at Lot 3, located on 12th st. and Morningside dr. (10hr. max) Also, at Lot 9 Metlox underground structure, located at Morningside and 12th st. (10hr.max) Also, at Lot 15 Civic Center Lower lot. (2hr. max)

Is there food on the beach in Manhattan Beach? The only food sold on the beach in Manhattan is the “Surf Food Stand and Beach Rentals” located at 4119 The Strand. This stand is adjacent to the El Porto Beach parking lot, near lifeguard towers 40 and 42.

Can you drink alcohol on Manhattan beach? No, alcohol is not allowed on the beach.

Are there Lifeguards at Manhattan Beach? While there are lifeguard towers located along the beach, they are not always staffed. Count on lifeguards being present during the summer months.

Are there people selling things on the beach? No, Manhattan Beach does not allow vendors to sell products on the beach.

Are there vending machines nearby? No, there are no vending machines on Manhattan Beach.

Are there bathrooms on Manhattan Beach? Yes, there are bathrooms at El Porto beach, 26th street, Marine ave, the Pier, and at 8th st.

Is there a payphone at Manhattan Beach? Yes, there is a payphone next to the bathrooms at the pier.

Is Manhattan Beach dog friendly? Yes, almost everyone in Manhattan Beach seems to have dogs. The Strand along the beach is a popular dog walking spot. However dogs are not allowed on the actual sand or in the water. There are water fountains along the Strand walking trail.

Is smoking allowed in Manhattan Beach? No, smoking is not allowed in Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach has been Smoke-free City since August 2014. Smoking and Vaping is prohibited in all public areas except the following:

  1. Private residential property, other than those used as a child-care or health-care facility subject to State licensing requirements.

  2. In up to twenty percent of guest rooms in any hotel or motel that meets certain conditions.

  3. Within a moving vehicle.

Also, since 2017 smoking is not allowed in Multi-unit housing or apartment complexes.

Are there bike rentals on Manhattan Beach? Yes, bikes can be rented at:

The “Food Surf Stand and Rentals” shop at 4119 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

El Porto Surf Shop at 3804 Highland ave. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Are there bike racks on the beach in Manhattan Beach? Yes, there are bike racks located along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail at just about every access point to the beach. Look for them at El Porto Beach, Bruce’s Beach, and The Pier.

Are there trash cans on the beach in Manhattan Beach? Yes there are trash cans every few hundred yards along the sand.

Are there volleyball nets at Manhattan Beach? Yes, there are many volleyball nets along the sandy beaches of Manhattan Beach… balls not included.

Is it free to use the volleyball nets in Manhattan Beach? Yes, the volleyball posts, and nets are free to the public to use.

Are there bonfires allowed on Manhattan Beach? No, there are no fire rings in Manhattan Beach and bonfires are not allowed. The closest beach with fire rings is Dockweiler State Beach.

Is camping allowed in Manhattan Beach? No, Manhattan Beach does not allow overnight camping. The closest camping is at Dockweiler State Beach where RV camping is allowed.

Can you swim at Manhattan Beach? Yes, swimming is allowed at Manhattan Beach.

Can you surf at Manhattan Beach? Yes, surfing is allowed at Manhattan Beach in areas designated by Lifeguards.

How long is the Manhattan Beach Pier? The Manhattan Beach pier is 928 ft. long. It is the oldest concrete pier on the west coast.

Does Manhattan Beach have an aquarium? Manhattan Beach has an aquarium at the end of the pier, called the Roundhouse Aquarium. Open M-F 2-7 pm Sat-Sun 10am-7pm

How many miles is The Strand in Manhattan Beach? The Manhattan Beach Strand is 2.1 miles from El Porto Beach down to 1st st. which is the border of Hermosa Beach. The walkway merges with the bike path and extends down through Redondo Beach.

How long is Manhattan Beach? Manhattan Beach is 2.1 miles long.

Does Manhattan Beach have a boardwalk? Manhattan Beach does not have a boardwalk. It has a Pier made of iron and concrete, a paved Strand walkway, and a paved bike trail known as the Marvin Braude Bike trail.

How long is the Bike path in Manhattan Beach? The bike path in Manhattan Beach is 22 miles long. It is part of the Marvin Braude Bike Trail that starts at Will Rogers State Beach in the Pacific Palisades, and ends in Torrance.

Does Manhattan Beach have Pier fishing? Yes, pier fishing is allowed at the end of the pier.

Are there Jellyfish in Manhattan Beach? Yes, every spring the non-poisonous “White Velalla” washes up on the shores of Southern California. Also called “By-the-wind sailor” this species of jellyfish has a small sail-like structure that catches the wind, and pushes them onto the shore, where they die. They do not sting humans.

How far is Manhattan Beach from LAX? Manhattan Beach is less than 5 miles away from LAX, straight down CA-1 Sepulveda Blvd.

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